Warning:  These videos are very raw and emotional.  You may need kleneex.

When I learned my dad was dying of pancreatic cancer, I decided to create a second division within my company.  With my husband’s help, countless hours of brainstorming, and months of trying to figure out how to make this mission stand out, Uplift Someone was founded.

Our mission is to use Recognition, Written Words, and Cherished Memories to share gratitude and appreciation with people we love.  The R, W, and C are my dad’s initials.  I shared my idea with my dad, just two weeks before he died.  He cried, touched that I wanted to not only share this mission, but I wanted to raise funds for cancer related projects in his honor.

When my mama died unexpectedly nine days after my dad , I was flooded with guilt about all of the missed opportunities to tell her everything I felt I should have shared.  But, over time, I’ve found peace through the  last card I sent my mama just a couple of months before she passed.  My card shared my love for her, and my gratitude for all she did for me, as my mom, and as a grandma to my children.

Unfortunately, many people don’t take the time to share their appreciation, and they have deep regrets when they realize it’s too late.  Uplift Someone offers ideas, resources, and tools to make reaching out to others easier and more accessible through Send Out Cards.

“And, mostly, let us be full of wonder and excitement for every day we have, share our love with our family and friends we adore, and work towards living a life without regrets.”   Join me and begin your very own journey of appreciation!  Send a card, on me, to see how this amazing system works.  No catch, no obligation.  Once you visit my site, you may watch the video on the landing page and/or scroll down to the right corner of your screen, and click on “Send A Card.”  You’ll be given the option to follow an automated walk-through, and you’ll be on your way!  Remember, the first card you send is free!

Disclaimer: Yes, I am a distributor.  Yes, I’ll earn commission on what you send.  I promised my dad I’d do something amazing to raise funds for cancer research.  And, through Encourage Hope, I donate to community projects consistently. Any money earned goes into our organization, and allows us to continue helping those who need us, in all different situations.

If you love this system, I’d love for you to be a customer.  There is a monthly cost, and each card averages less than $1, plus postage.  They are amazing quality with a glossy shine, and are sent through the postal service. You literally pick your card, add a photo (if you’d like!), add your text, and Send Out Cards will print, stuff, stamp and mail it for you.  You can also add gift cards, gourmet food, and even flowers, all from your computer.

I can’t imagine the guilt I’d still be feeling over losing my mama had I not sent that card.  Who do you need to reach out to?  Who can you uplift?  Who needs to know you appreciate them?  Your parents, your siblings? What about your employees, customers, or volunteers?  Try the system!  It’s free, and if you don’t love it like I do, it’s ok.  If you do love it, and want to use the system regularly, we’ll work together to set up an account that is perfect for your needs!

Click here to send a card, and honor someone you appreciate.